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Brake Fluid Detector

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Brake Fluid Tester Automotive Tools Diagnostic Testing Tool Auto Brakes Calibrated

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DOT3 DOT4 DOT5 Brake Fluid Tester Vehicle Testing Tool with 5 LED Indicator for Auto Automotive Car

Quick and easy way to test for moisture content in the brake fluid; results appear in seconds!

LED light indicators show percentage of water in the brake fluid

Calibrated for cars using DOT3 DOT4 DOT5 brake fluid

It determines the quality of brake fluid and measures moisture from 0%-4%.Features LED lights to show moisture percentage.
Automatically shuts off after 12 Seconds.1.5V AAA battery included,CE,RoHS approved.

Usage Instructions:
1) Remove cap from brake fluid reservoir;
2) Remove probe cap from brake fluid tester;
3) Press power button on top of tester. Green LED lights up;
4) Dip entire length of metal probes into brake fluid;
5) After one second, match color of LEDs with color chart to determine brake fluid quality. Tester automatically powers off after twelve seconds of inactivity.

The LED lights will indicate the percentage of water in the brake fluid:
- Green: None.
- Green/Yellow: Less than 1%.
- Green /Yellow/Yellow: Approx. 2%.
- Green/Yellow/Yellow/Red: Approx. 3% (Time to change brake fluid.).
- Green/Yellow/Yellow/Red/Red: Approx. 4% (Change brake fluid immediately!).

Please note:
- Replace the battery if the green LED light no longer lights up after you press the button.
- Wash the test probe with tap water after every use.
- In case of skin contact with brake fluid, thoroughly wash the affected skin or clothing with water.
- Do not expose brake fluid to the atmosphere for a long time as it is highly hygroscopic.


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