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J1772/IEC 62196 Type2 Connector, Cable, Plug & Socket for EV Charging

EV Charging Connector

Sub Category: SAE J1772 Connectors IEC 62196-2 Connectors SAE J1772 Cables IEC 62196-2 Cables EV Charging Station EVSE Accessories Battery Connector

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EV Charging Connector

EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is the equipments which use for Electric Vehicles(EV's) or Electric Car's charging. Normally we call "Charging Stations","EV Charger","Charging Cords","Charging Connectors" . There are some famous EV Car brands like Tesla Model 3/S/X,Chevy Bolt,Nissan Leaf,BMW i3,VW e-Golf/ID.3,Fiat 500E,Kia Soul EV,more infomation about electric vehicles can be find on Electric Vehicle 101 Guide