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3D VR眼鏡

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3D VR眼鏡虛擬現實頭戴式塑料版Google紙板電影3.5至6寸智能手機遊戲

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3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Head Mount Plastic Version Google Cardboard Movies Games for 3.5 to 6inch Smartphone

Available for bigger smart phone, such as Samsung Note 4 and Iphone 6 plus.

Bigger FOV, and Vignetting decreased greatly.

The distance of two optical axis of lens is larger, which can make you feel more confortable for bigger smart phone.

Glasses space is special designed for the Myopia customer.

Air vents are designed to avoid the smart phone to ge overheated.

USB and earphone interface space is designed to connect relevant peripherals.


Product Specifications

  • Packing size: 170*130*105 / 192*150*114mm
  • Lens: Aspherical lens
  • Body connection material: Cell-closed sponge
  • FOV: 68 degrees
  • Controller: Bluetooth gamepad(not included in the product) and magnet controller
  • Phone supported: 3.5-6 inches smart phone, Android and IOS system





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